Nothing Better Than Donna Morgan!

With this gloomy day, let's have some wedding talk to brighten it up a little bit! Brides are wanting their bridesmaids to look just as fabulous as they do, I mean the better everyone looks the better your pictures will turn out! So the obvious option to make this happen is Donna Morgan dresses because one word, beauties! We are obsessing over Donna Morgan's new Serenity Collection which features a variety of different styles and hues including champagne, amber, pale pinks, grey, lavender, light blue, midnight blue, and florals. Tulle, chiffon, lace, and sequin embellishments are even more reasons this collection is a must have! 

Not only are these gorgeous dresses just to die for, but they are also affordable and have an awesome turnaround time! So if you want dresses in a hurry that your girls will still look fabulous in, these are the ones for you. If you have more than enough time to order, these are still the dresses for you because of how absolutely perfect the entire collection is. So many options!! Let us know which of these dresses are your favs, we'd love to hear from you! :)